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Best Wireless Chargers for Smartphones

These days, smartphones come with fewer and fewer accessories, including the AC adaptor needed for wall charging. So, many people are turning to wireless charging. Not only are wireless chargers convenient for charging mobile phones, but you can often charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Wireless charging trends

Wireless charging transmits energy from a power source to a device without cables. The charging station transmits energy to a receiver integrated inside the device that charges the battery. The global wireless charging market size was USD 5.48 billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach $34.65 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 22.73% between 2021 and 2030.

Not only is the wireless charging market growing at a rapid rate, but the importance of wireless charging is growing as well. With the Qi standard of wireless charging already widespread, wireless chargers can be implemented everywhere. In the future, you could see wireless chargers built into restaurant tables, your desk at work, your car, and lounges at the airport.

Benefits of wireless charging

There are numerous benefits of investing in wireless charging:

One charger for any phone

One of the most significant benefits of wireless charging is that it’s agnostic – all devices that use the Qi wireless charging standard will be able to charge. This is great for sharing charging devices among a household, friends, and public places.

Safer for the phone battery

There are so many “rules” about safe battery charging that how to charge your phone safely is a bit confusing. With wireless charging, consumers don’t have to worry about following these rules because wireless charging charges the devices slower than a wired charger, so it helps to maintain the battery capacity between 50-80%, which is the best for the battery life.

Reduces clutter

If you use one wireless charger for all devices, you can reduce the cord clutter. It no longer becomes necessary to clutter your home or desk with several different chargers or even carry a cord in your bag.

What to consider when buying a wireless charger

Generally, consumers will seek a wireless charger that uses the Qi charging standard, which will work with most of their devices.

The charging speed of wireless chargers is always going to be slower than with a cable, but between wireless charging devices, the charging rate can vary considerably. Another thing consumers will be seeking is charging devices that can charge all their devices simultaneously.

Additionally, consider wireless charging on the go, as not everyone will have time to charge their device before they go out.

Best wireless chargers for mobile phones

Charging pad

Charging stand with alarm clock

3-in-1 folding charger

Wireless car charger

Wireless power bank

Charging pad

15W wireless charging output; 150cm power cord with three different plug options; UK, EU and US

Sometimes, going with a basic charging pad is a great option. It’s simple; all you have to do is place your device on top of it, and it starts charging.

A bonus is that this charging pad also has 4 USB ports for wired, faster charging.

Charging stand with alarm clock

For those seeking to use their smartphone while it’s charging, a charging stand is likely a better option. This charging stand can also charge multiple devices simultaneously; while it charges a smartphone on the stand you can also charge a smartwatch and earbuds. It also comes with additional features, including an alarm clock and a lamp.

3-in-1 folding charger

This 3-in-1 folding charger can charge three devices as shown above (smartphone, smartwatch, and wireless headphones). It’s magnetic and can be folded in different ways to best suit the consumer’s needs.

Wireless car charger

For those who are on the go, or spend lots of time in the car, a wireless charging station for the car is a must-have. This wireless car charger makes it easy to use apps while driving and comes with a dashboard and outlet bracket.

Wireless power bank

10,000 mAh battery capacity; charging input USB-C

Another great option for wireless charging on the go is a wireless power bank. Forgo the cord and throw a battery bank in your bag for easy wireless charging on the go. Note this power bank also has a USB output so you can simultaneously charge one smartphone with a cord and another one wirelessly.

Wireless charging is the future

More and more consumers are going to go with exclusively wireless charging. So, keep your inventory stocked with a variety of wireless charging devices to meet consumer needs and stay on top of the new wireless charging trends and technology.

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